There are a variety of services which can be tailored to your unique business needs including annual accounts, bookkeeping and payroll.

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Tax planning is an important element of your business management strategy as it allows you to continue to grow your business paying minimum tax within the orbit of law.

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Corporate Finance

Fund raising is like bloodline for a business which is why we focus on the best financial tools for funds management, individual or corporate, that will set the right tone for your long term success.

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About Thames Hill

We are a Chartered Certified Accountants firm based in London. We are registered with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to carry on accountancy and tax work in the United Kingdom.

We are an approachable, resourceful and result-oriented team. Our primary aim is to help you grow your business and increase your net worth.  Our smarter ways facilitate you to keep your books orderly, tax bill reduced and monies planned in a timely manner.

Why is cash flow the backbone of any business?

Successful businesses keep a close eye on their cash flow for a number of reasons e.g:

  • A cash flow statement tells you where the money is being spent.
  • For a start-up, it gives a better picture of the business than a profit and loss statement e.g. higher sales but no credit recovery could be a serious issue. So a business can run out of cash while it is very profitable!
  • It records the timing of cash spends and receipts, therefore, affects the need to borrow (or not) from the banks at interest.

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